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Call me babyface... [Jun. 2nd, 2009|05:05 pm]
Random student moment...

Yesterday Jess (who is in year 2 and has just turned 7) asked me how old my violin was. I told her it was about 200 years old... when she heard that her eyes widened and she said, "You don't look 200!" It only took a second for her to figure out how it all worked, but that moment of wonder was so cute and innocent. :)
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I'm here - please don't drop dead!! [May. 8th, 2009|09:54 am]

Lauren 'nudged' me ages ago and I've finally sat down at the computer, breakfast in hand (well, on desk) while I wait for Carla to get off the phone so we can go grocery shopping. I don't love grocery shopping, but it has to be done nevertheless, so this will just be a quickie.

Life has been flying along as usual, although lately there have been a couple of unusual aspects thrown in as well. One of the unusuals (which will quite possibly become a usual!) is having a prospective brother-in-law on the scene! Alastair is really nice and seems perfect for Carla, and I'm really happy for each of them that God has brought them together. It takes a bit of adapting though, as Carla has so much on her mind that sometimes she needs a bit of sisterly help to get through her everyday chores and work. :P It's better now than it was the first week, now THAT was crazy. 

Apart from that, teaching my 30 students each week plus the 2 groups of 10 and 11 kids at school (yes, do the maths, that adds up to 51 kids!!!!! and 51 violins to tune - besides the 15 or so in the training orchestra!!) and getting Dad's work done, general housecleaning/cooking and whatever, fulfilling my duties as orchestra secretary, trying to fit in violin practice for my lessons and orchestras x 3 and a friend's HSC ensemble, (are you bored yet?) is all keeping me flat out. 2 weeks into term 2 and I'm already looking forward to the holidays... pathetic, I know. And I really need to work on time management and prioritizing so I don't accidentally ignore my friends in all the whirlwind of busyness. I'm happy to have caught up with some via phone and others online via video chat lately. In the not-so-distant past I was absolutely scared stiff at the thought of talking on the phone, yet it's such a convenient way of catching up so I'm thankful that I seem to be getting over my fear of it somewhat. :)

So there is an uber-quick and concise nutshell version of my life over the past little while. 

Lachlan comes home in 3 weeks and 2 days! We're all so happeeeeee! Mum's sort of overrun his bedroom with paperwork and all her 'stuff' over the past 10 months so I think she's in a bit of a flap about organising it all so he has somewhere to sleep... :)

Anyway, grocery shopping calls. Sigh.
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Sucky [Mar. 4th, 2009|10:48 am]
One of my year 4 students was telling me yesterday about his new fish. He informed me that there's a gold one, a gold one with silver underneath, and a sucker fish to keep the tank clean. The gold one is called Goldy, the silver one is called Silvy, and you'll never guess what the sucker fish is called... uh, yeah. Sucky.

And a cute moment from last week...

Thomas: " 'scuse me Miss?"
Me: "Yes Thomas?"
Thomas: "I got a new baby brother!"
Me: "Wow, THAT's cool!"
Thomas (with a proud swagger and his most grown-up voice): "Yep, and I only got it yesterday."

The child who was calling me "Miss Gwen" has finally figured out that I'm actually Miss Glen (yay!) and I only got called Mrs(!) Glen twice this week, so it's improving all round. :P Aren't kids just the best value? :)

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Hmm... [Feb. 5th, 2009|01:12 pm]
Is it normal to begin typing something in this little box and then delete it, repeating ad infinitum? It's all I ever do on here! Once I've started, I tend to realize that I don't really have anything remotely earth-shattering to say - and then I remember that I like reading what others write about even if they think it's ordinary, so I try again... and delete again... it really is a depressingly vicious cycle. And yet, it lures me back time and time again, and then I get all brave and once more have the most amazing intentions of actually doing it. By the time I'm about to click 'post' though, every trace of heroism is gone. It's a sad state of affairs!

Last week was officially the first week of term 1, but because of the schmozzle with different schools and classes going back on who knows what day it turned out to be a relatively quiet week student-wise. This week, though, is another story! It's crazy - I've lost count of my students, but it's somewhere between 25-30 each week. And on top of that I'll have 2 groups with 8 kids in each at a local private school. Folks, I am officially gonna diiiiiiiiiie! I taught private lessons at the school all morning (starting at 7:55am, of all unearthly hours) on Tuesday, which turned out to be lots of fun despite my initial apprehension. I had to go to classrooms to collect and return kids, and on one such trip a boy of about 14 years old walked past and said, "Hello, Miss." !!! I looked around for "Miss" before being hit by the startling realization that he was talking to ME! That one is going to take some getting used to. :P It's all for a good cause though, namely: my ticket to New York. :D I have 6 lessons this afternoon and then I'm done for the week. Yay!

I feel so grown-up, organizing stuff like a superannuation fund, music teacher's insurance, and tax invoices. It's an exciting kind of scary. :) 

Mum has beef stroganoff going in the crock-pot, and it already smells delicious... I lovelovelove the concept of crock-pot meals, but having to put up with the agonizing aroma all day leads me to cook them only if I'm going to be out all day. Actually, I think that's what crock-pots are for. I'm so smart - sometimes I just amaze myself with my smartness. :P 

Well, that was all very random. Yay for random, I say!

Now to click that scary 'post' button... I think I can I think I can...

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It's all Lauren's fault! :) [Dec. 22nd, 2008|12:35 pm]
Wow. You are witnessing a momentous occasion, people. It's like this: This livejournal has existed for 4 whole years (give or take a couple of weeks), and today is the first time I've even attempted to post! It's Meaghan, btw :P

Lovely Lauren (who I miss SO much!) tagged us for the 'happy things' meme and I know it's supposed to be over 8 days, but I'm just gonna make a list of current random happinesses, cos hey, who knows if I'll ever post here again anyway! :P

So here goes - these are, off the top of my head, the things that are making me happy at the moment:

~ 2 weeks of holidays, starting today! Yay!

~ Being accepted into the Sydney Youth Orchestra for 2009!!! Whooooo! :D

~ Coffee and raisin toast at 10am on Monday morning, whilst still in pj's, then getting dressed in old clothes and doing my hair up all anyhow because I'm staying home today!

~ Exciting Christmas mail and yearly update letters from special people

~ No more Sound of Music performances after an intensive week of travelling into the city every day for rehearsals and performances [and eating about 10 bags of lollies (no joke!) with my awesome deskie during the week!]

~ The smell of chocolate cake cooking

~ A real Christmas tree filling the lounge room with its festive scent

~ A lot of pressies under aforementioned real Christmas tree

~ Talking to Lachlan on Skype

~ Having multitudes of the best kinds of chocolates in our possession (Lindor, Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, you name it!) thanks to our darling little students :)

~ Carla's gingerbread house

~ Gorgeous sunny (but not boiling hot) weather

~ Planning a trip to New York in late 2009

Here endeth my post. Sorry if it's uber long or it's a weird shape or it mucks up your friends' page or something... I'm utterly un-geeky so you'll all just have to deal with it. :P 

Have a lovely Christmas! xox
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